User-friendly Aromatherapy

Reference: ISBN 978-2-940494-00-2
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An easy and simple book, full of ideas

Nearly ALL formulas WITHOUT contra-indications !!!

Written to simplify your life


Back cover :


This book is a collection of easy formulas. They are simple and efficient, intentionally inexpensive.

The author wrote this book to be somewhat different. With years of experience, after having analyzed dozens of aromatherapy books for the specialised press, he wanted to offer a few things with this book:

- Formulas mostly exempt of any contra-indication. Thus user-friendly as such.

- Formulas made from easy-to-find essential oils, even though they are not the inevitable oils.

- A book without the long descriptions of plants that take up many pages and involve expenses for the editor... and therefore for the reader.




Format: A5+
Pages: 148
Auteur: Marc Ivo Böhning
Editions: Gedane
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